The pilot depositor is based on a stationary frame around the conveyor. The support structure for one or more print heads is placed on hydraulic jacks to lift the system clear from the conveyor surface for height adjustment and easy cleaning. The print heads are mounted in stainless steel dry-break terminals. The position and orientation of the print heads are adjustabe according to the required lane pitch and resolution. The print heads can be heated electronically. Distributing manifolds and hoses to and from the terminals are mounted on the support structure. From the batch drum the (heated) liquid material is pumped to the depositor unit through (water jacketed) piping and hoses.

On the operator side, a basic E-cabinet is mounted to the conveyer frame. A minimal number of switches on the E-cabinet allows an operator to have basic control of the machines. With a scaffold style frame and an individual tray per head, the pilot unit can be configured in various ways for multiple purposes.