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About FoodJet

What does FoodJet do?

At FoodJet, we bring innovation to your production line by crafting state-of-the-art depositing solutions for liquid foods. Since 2005, our Nijmegen-based team has been pushing the boundaries of technology to enhance production efficiency across the globe. Whether it's printing eye-catching decorations, reducing costs, or filling cavities with unmatched precision, our adaptive vision technology ensures minimal waste and maximum accuracy, serving the needs of the global bakery and convenience food markets. Click here to learn even more about our company.

Why shoud I choose a FoodJet precision depositor?

Opt for a FoodJet precision depositor and witness a transformation in your production line. Our depositors are designed specifically for the bakery and convenience food industries to minimize waste and maximize production accuracy. With advanced adaptive vision technology, each depositor ensures consistent material placement, enhancing your product quality and reducing costs. It’s the ideal choice for businesses keen on optimizing their processes while boosting efficiency and product appeal.

Which markets does FoodJet serve?

FoodJet serves the global bakery and convenience food markets, delivering precision in depositing a variety of liquid foods. Our solutions are perfect for creatively decorating cakes, filling pastries, topping pizzas and much more; all with ultimate precision. We cater to businesses looking to enhance production efficiency and accuracy, making every detail in food preparation matter.

Delivery and Implementation

How quickly can FoodJet's depositing machines be integrated into an existing production line?

The integration of our machines is designed to be quick and efficient. However, the specific timeframe can vary depending on your production line's complexity and the customization needed. For the best estimate, direct consultation with our team is recommended. To give you an example; our MDM could be integrated in your production line within a morning if all necessary preparations have been made.

How long does it take to receive my FoodJet depositor?

Delivery times for our depositors can vary depending on the model and customization required. Contacting our sales team will give you a precise delivery timeline tailored to your order.

Detection Technology

Why is the FoodJet depositor superior to traditional depositors?

Our depositors excel due to their sophisticated vision technology & sensor technology, which permit precise and adaptable application of liquid foods. These methods minimize waste and enhance production speeds by adjusting in real-time to product variations, setting FoodJet apart from traditional depositing solutions. We also use unique-in-the-market jet nozzles that don't leak and have the highest level of detail available.

What is “vision technology” and how does it work?

"Vision technology" involves sophisticated imaging systems that inspect, analyze, and guide the machinery during production. FoodJet uses this technology to detect precise positions and characteristics of food items, allowing for real-time adjustments and ensuring each application of liquid foods is spot-on.

What is "sensor technology" and how does it work?

We use our sensor technology for all products with similar shapes and sizes. These sensors work their very best when all products are aligned. We use this technology to know exactly when the depositing of your materials can start as to always be precisely on time.

Environmental and Safety Considerations

How does FoodJet ensure the safety and hygiene of food products during the depositing process?

We use only the highest quality materials to maintain food safety and hygiene throughout the depositing process. Once installed, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the depositor becomes the producer's responsibility, ensuring ongoing compliance and safety. Also, all parts that are in direct contact with your material(s) are FDA-approved. 

Are there environmental benefits to using FoodJet's depositing machines?

Our depositors are designed to significantly reduce waste and cleaning requirements, improving your production's environmental footprint. They are also built without any moving parts which means the machines don't need to be in a secured area to operate safely.

Food Product Compatibility

Can the FoodJet depositor handle chunky foodstuff?

Absolutely, our depositors are engineered to precisely handle chunky foodstuff, accommodating a wide range of food applications and ensuring versatility in your production line. If you are interested in a full list of our material requirements, please contact us directly.

What types of material can FoodJet's depositing machines handle?

Our machines handle a wide range of liquid and semi-liquid materials, from sauces and jams to creams and chocolates. This versatility ensures precise application across various food production needs.

Integration and Support

What support does FoodJet offer for integrating their machines into existing production lines?

At FoodJet, we believe in a collaborative approach to ensure a flawless integration of our machines into your production line. Our Technology Center offers personalized support aimed at enhancing your current processes.

How does the FoodJet depositor integrate into existing production lines?

FoodJet depositors are designed for seamless integration into any production line. Their compact size and versatility make them ideal for various applications, ensuring an efficient integration process with minimal disruption.

Operational Efficiency

How do FoodJet's depositing machines improve line speed in mass food production?

Our machines enhance line speed by ensuring rapid and accurate material deposition, facilitated by real-time adjustments without manual intervention, increasing throughput and maintaining product quality. The level of precision our depositors provide also helps reduce any clean-up time you might currently be facing.

How does FoodJet accommodate instant changeovers in production processes?

Our machines are designed for flexibility, enabling quick and easy changeovers to meet diverse production demands, enhancing productivity and allowing for rapid market response. Because our machines require no mechanical changeovers there is no tooling necessary when making a changeover. Also, all of your depositing settings are saved in our smart software which means you can instantly switch from one product to another without losing any time.

Performance Expectations

When is a FoodJet depositor beneficial for my production process?

A FoodJet depositor is the perfect solution for you if your dosing process can't be done with a traditional depositing solution. We often see manual depositing solutions that are very easily replaced by a FoodJet depositor. It could also be that your current depositing solution is not accurate enough, to messy or just simply to slow. 

How much does a FoodJet depositor cost?

The price of a machine is often dependent on the amount of dosing nozzles needed in your production process. This in its turn is dependent on the width of your conveyor belt and the desired resolution for your products. For more information please reach out to our sales team as they can provide you with detailed pricing information based on your requirements.

How fast is a FoodJet depositor?

The speed of our depositors depend on your required level of detail and the type of application needed. Conveyor speeds of more than 20 meters per minute are not uncommon to us.

What can I expect from a FoodJet depositor?

With a FoodJet depositor you can expect fantastic accuracy and massively reduced waste. Our machines are not only designed to fit seamlessly into your existing setup but are also versatile enough to handle a broad range of liquid food applications, promising innovation and cost-efficiency in your production. Also, more often than not, our depositors increase your production line speed significantly.

Precision and Efficiency

How do FoodJet machines ensure precision in food depositing?

Our depositors offer the highest number of nozzles per product. This means we can deposit with the finest level of detail currently available in the market. This allows for some of the most elaborate pattern-printing you have ever seen in liquid food depositing.

Can FoodJet's technology reduce food waste during production?

Yes, our technology plays a crucial role in reducing food waste by ensuring precise depositing, which minimizes excess and enhances efficiency in your production process. Besides that, the nozzles on our depositors do not drip. This means you won't lose any of your material during production and you prevent excessive cleaning. Every drop of material is accurately deposited where it needs to be.

How can FoodJet's solutions boost the efficiency of mass food production?

Our solutions enhance mass food production efficiency by delivering precise depositing of products, adapting quickly to different shapes and sizes, which speeds up production and reduces waste.

Special Features and Customization

Are FoodJet's depositing machines suitable for producing graphical decorations on food products?

Yes, our depositors are perfectly suited for creating detailed and creative graphical decorations on food products, easily managed through our versatile software.

What capabilities does FoodJet's cavity depositing technology offer?

Our cavity depositing technology offers unmatched precision and flexibility, perfect for filling the smallest cavities of products or trays with consistent amounts of liquid foodstuffs, enhancing both product quality and production efficiency.

How does FoodJet ensure accurate surface filling in food production?

Our advanced vision technology identifies the exact shape, position and size of your products, ensuring precise application and uniform coverage across all products, reducing waste and improving quality.

What customization options are available for FoodJet's food depositors?

We offer extensive customization for our depositors to suit specific production needs, including adjustments for various food types, patterns, and volumes, ensuring our machines integrate seamlessly into your operations.

Technologies and Uniqueness

What makes FoodJet's food depositors unique in the market?

Unrivaled in precision, our food depositors stand out thanks to their use of adaptive vision technology and a commitment to reducing waste. The unique capability of our depositors to handle various material consistencies, product shapes and sizes with numerous nozzle jets allows for the precise application of patterns on even the most uneven surfaces. Our customizable solutions deliver consistent quality and enhanced production efficiency, tailored specifically to the bakery and convenience food sectors.

Which technologies does FoodJet use?

By using a large array of small nozzles that jet small drops of material in variable volumes and patterns we can achieve never before seen precision in food depositing. These innovations enable us to offer precise and efficient food production solutions. Dive into our product sheet page to explore how our technology can revolutionize your food production process.

Training and Maintenance

Does FoodJet offer training for operating and maintaining their depositing machines?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training to ensure your team is proficient in operating and maintaining our machines, maximizing their efficiency and lifespan. We offer on-site assistance to get you off to a flying start with your FoodJet depositor as soon as we start the integration process. If you are looking for an extra training, please contact our service team.

What are the maintenance requirements for FoodJet machines?

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance, involving routine cleaning, inspections, part replacements and software updates, tailored to each machine's specific type and usage. Our machines are relatively easy in maintenance because of the fact that there are no moving parts present in our depositors. This will help you reduce your costs in maintenance and the replacement of parts.

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