Upgrade your production with the compound chocolate depositor

Fat compound is one of the many materials that are easy to deposit with a FoodJet chocolate depositor. Due to the relatively high fat content of the material, it is easy to handle. Though there are many types of fat compound, most of the time they are very suitable for decorating, surface filling or cavity filling your products. This can be achieved with a compound chocolate depositor. So, give your chocolate depositing machinery an upgrade with FoodJet's chocolate depositing machine!

Control the temperature

One of the important facets in the depositing process is maintaining the right temperature of the compound. For this reason, FoodJet has developed a supply system that makes sure that your industrial chocolate machine is working perfectly. The supply system is a perfect match for materials that require a stable temperature during depositing.

FoodJet PUL material supply system front view
FoodJet PUL material supply system

Maintain the right pressure

Another crucial element in achieving the right results is maintaining a constant pressure. This will guarantee a perfect result coming from the depositing heads. Again, this is one of the features at which the FoodJet PUL chocolate machinery excels. With its servo driven pump it makes sure there is a steady flow of material supplying the depositing system.

Cookie decorated with fat compound

Decorate or cover your baking

With chocolate compound, adding value to your plain-looking baking has never been easier. You can create exciting designs to deposit compound chocolate on your products in no time. Changing the appearance of what comes out of the oven, without changing the rest of your industrial production line is as efficient as it gets.

Surface covering cupcakes with the compound chocolate depositor

If you are interested in what our industrial chocolate machines, what they look like, and how they operate, then this video is a must-watch for you. It shows how our chocolate depositing machine creates perfect and delicious cupcakes.  

Interested in learning more about FoodJet, our technology, or our machines? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

Hundreds of recipes available

With FoodJet's compound chocolate machinery, the possibilities are endless. You can store hundreds of images in the system and change the way your product looks at the push of a button. You can even produce different designs at the same time. And all of this at industrial speeds!

Just as easy is switching from one product format to another. It is a matter of loading another preconfigured recipe and off you go.

Hand holding mellow cake decorated with white chocolate heart printed with FoodJet chocolate depositor
Chocolate heart printed with FoodJet chocolate depositor

Effortless product personalisation 

Discover how we can help you give your production process a boost by upgrading your compound chocolate depositing machine. Do you have any questions? Our professionals are more than happy to help you! Give us a call or e-mail us.

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