Depositing jams & jellies

Jam is used as a topping for many products. However, in many cases, the use is limited, due to the lack of proper solutions for applying the material. FoodJet has extensive experience applying a wide range of marmalade and jelly type of materials.

Biscuits covered with jam by a FoodJet marmalade depositor
FoodJet marmalade depositor

Surface covered cookies

A very popular product in which marmalade is used is marmalade biscuits. As with so many products, the looks of the product can make or break the consumer experience. You do not want the material to be piled in the center. Nor do you want the jam to be running off the side. With the FoodJet technology, you can deposit an even layer of material in the exact center of the product.

Cavity filled cakes

Though it seems easier to fill a cavity with material, you still want the jam to be spread evenly. Consumers do not want blind spots without material. A regular spot depositor has a hard time reaching every corner of the product. A FoodJet depositing head consists of dozens of small nozzles that can be controlled individually. It ensures that material is applied in a uniform layer over the complete surface.

Video of jam depositing in our test lab

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