Confectionery decoration made industrial

Today’s producers want the flexibility to change seasonal decorations or offer branded products to their customers. FoodJet decorating systems make this possible by allowing you to run various designs at the same time, without the need for mechanical changeovers.

Milk chocolate bar with 3D QR-code printed in white chocolate by FoodJet tempered chocolate depositor

Depositing tempered chocolate

If you work with a high value material like tempered chocolate, it is essential to control the complete process:

  • Maintain the right temperature
  • Minimize spillage
  • Prevent contamination

Maintain the right temperature

Once the chocolate is tempered you want to make sure you keep it at the right temperature. FoodJet uses double jacketed hoses or piping throughout the system. The water for this closed circuit is provided by the FoodJet PUL supply system. It has its own heat exchanger to make it a stand-alone process.

Minimize spillage

You want your chocolate not to go to waste. Depending on your process and products we can use cameras to prevent this from happening. You even don’t need to align your products. The vision system will locate their exact position. It makes sure that the depositing material ends up on your product – and not on your conveyor belt.

Exchanging the sieve from the FoodJet PUL supply system

Prevent contamination

Traditional enrobing systems use a collection tank to recuparate material. Chocolate which was not deposited on the product is caught and return to the supply system. These open loops leave a lot of room for contamination. Pieces of product or foreign materials could fall in the process. FoodJet uses a closed loop system.

Closed loop system

All the chocolate that is supplied to the FoodJet system either ends up on your product, or it returns to the supply system without making contact with the surrounding environment. This is a safe way to increase the yield of your material and protect your process.

Decorating biscuits

Small and big solutions

If you are an entry level producer or if you want to start off small, FoodJet has the perfect solution for you.

Our systems are also suitable to be scalable to fit large production lines. Our engineers will design the system that fits your requirements.

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