FoodJet is a family-owned business with a 40-year-old history in engineering and producing high-tech equipment.

In the early days, we, the De Grood family, started a small business in medical devices. Back then we were already focused on bringing innovative solutions to the market.

FoodJet Today

With the turn of the century we developed a technology to jet liquid foodstuff in a controlled and easy manageable manner. This was the start of FoodJet as we know it today: the world’s first and leading company in precision depositing for the bakery and confectionary industry. 

FoodJet company building

Raising the standard

Our customer-specific solutions can handle industrial capacities with unsurpassed accuracy in both position and deposited / printed weight accuracy. By raising the standard in your production performance, we like to contribute to the success of your products.

Many donuts enrobed with chocolate and decorated with white chocolate by a FoodJet precision depositing system

Technology & creativity

We have the technology and creativity that can lead your production towards greater efficiency, accuracy, flexibility and innovation, a must for the future. We can replace your conventional depositing machines or manual processes with faster and cost-saving solutions.

FoodJet hardware engineer at work

Our team

With a team of 40 professionals we are focused on engineering and building innovative systems for depositing and decorating liquid patterns. Our team is dedicated to create answers to depositing challenges that existing equipment cannot solve.

FoodJet team in workshop

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