The FoodJet technology: a new way of food depositing 

At FoodJet, we don’t just create your typical depositing machine; we take it a step further. Unique in our approach, we've developed our own method for depositing liquid foodstuffs. Our innovative technology minimizes waste, increases product quality, and maximizes efficiency

What sets FoodJet apart?

FoodJet depositing machines, elevate your production process. Featuring multiple rows of nozzles, each capable of targeted depositing widely adjustable volumes of liquid or chunky foodstuffs, our machines ensure precision at every drop. With independent operation for each individual nozzle, precise placement is guaranteed. For us, accuracy is key.  

It’s all in the vision

Our machines often use our vision technology. Your products are identified via cameras or detection sensors. FoodJet's cutting-edge vision technology identifies products on the conveyor belt, regardless of shape, size or position. 

The benefit's of our depositing technology?

Say goodbye to alignment issues and hello to targeted deposits exactly where you need them. For the food industry, where products vary in shape or position on the conveyor belt, this innovation is indispensable. 

  • No need to align your products
  • Irregularly shaped items pose no problem
  • The liquid material is deposited exactly where and how you want it

Efficiency at its core

Our depositing machines are engineered for simplicity, making maintenance and cleaning effortless tasks. With its user-friendly design and intuitive interface, routine maintenance becomes a breeze, allowing you to keep your production line running smoothly with minimal downtime.

Our machines are seamlessly adaptable, facilitating quick transitions between different products. You do not need any tooling as there are no mechanical change-overs.

This flexibility not only saves you time but also enhances operational efficiency, ensuring that your production processes remain agile and responsive to changing demands. 

Many FoodJet depositors are designed to connect to third-party CIP systems seamlessly. After production, you will no longer need to disassemble your depositor to thoroughly clean it. The pre-programmed software will automatically take the system through various cleaning cycles, leaving you with a speckless depositor.

Depositing machine made for your production line

We design a crucial part of your production line: the depositing machine. We consider factors like viscosity, temperature requirements, conveyor belt width, and output goals to design the perfect machine for you. 

Explore our range of machines designed for various liquid foodstuffs and discover how we can optimize your production process. A typical FoodJet machine includes: 


FoodJet Frame

A frame capable of supporting 24 depositor heads, with retractable tray, supply piping, and control cabinet.

Depositor head

FJ28 Depositor head

A depositor head with a row of nozzles jetting liquid droplets onto the product. Each nozzle can be controlled individually.

Control system

Control system which enables operators to design customizable patterns for depositor heads.

Want to get started?

Ready to innovate your food production process with FoodJet? We're here to turn your vision into reality. Whether you're looking to minimize waste, boost efficiency, or enhance precision, our team is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your needs. 

Get in touch today to discuss how our innovative technology can take your production line to the next level.   

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Frequently asked questions

What makes FoodJet's food depositors unique in the market?

Unrivaled in precision, our food depositors stand out thanks to their use of adaptive vision technology and a commitment to reducing waste. The unique capability of our depositors to handle various material consistencies, product shapes and sizes with numerous nozzle jets allows for the precise application of patterns on even the most uneven surfaces. Our customizable solutions deliver consistent quality and enhanced production efficiency, tailored specifically to the bakery and convenience food sectors.

Why is the FoodJet depositor superior to traditional depositors?

Our depositors excel due to their sophisticated vision technology & sensor technology, which permit precise and adaptable application of liquid foods. These methods minimize waste and enhance production speeds by adjusting in real-time to product variations, setting FoodJet apart from traditional depositing solutions. We also use unique-in-the-market jet nozzles that don't leak and have the highest level of detail available.

How much does a FoodJet depositor cost?

The price of a machine is often dependent on the amount of dosing nozzles needed in your production process. This in its turn is dependent on the width of your conveyor belt and the desired resolution for your products. For more information please reach out to our sales team as they can provide you with detailed pricing information based on your requirements.