Automate your production line with the sauce and puree depositor

Stop depositing sauce or puree with old technology, and start depositing it the right way – without spilling on your conveyor belt. FoodJet uses its unique jetting technology to spread the sauce exactly where it should be. Thanks to our advanced vision system, our sauce machine locates your product, and deposits the sauce right on target.

Adaptive sauce applicators

Special shapes? The vision system instructs the depositing heads to follow the edges of the product without the need for mechanical changeovers. Inclusions? Our large diameter nozzles can handle it all. FoodJet will make sure that your material is deposited as an even and closed surface on your product.

FoodJet MDL Pizza sauce depositor bottom view at depositing heads
FoodJet MDL sauce depositor

Finding the right depositor for your product

FoodJet is well known for its variety of food depositors. Whether it be butter, fat compound, batter, chocolate, jam, or sauce. FoodJet has the right solution for it. When choosing a FoodJet food depositor, it is important to consider the product that you want to deposit.

In the case of sauces and purees, it is essential to recognize the type of sauce or puree that you want to deposit. The sauce depositors of FoodJet can be utilized for a wide range of sauces. Whether it is chunky tomato sauce or smooth crème fraîche, FoodJet has a suitable depositing solution.

Customisable depositing solutions

All of our depositing systems are customisable, and that is also the case for the sauce depositor. That's why we have the perfect depositor for you, whether you are an entry-level producer or you are running a large scale production line.

Not only are our sauce depositing solutions customisable, they are also suitable to scale to fit large production lines. Our engineers will design the system that fits your requirements.

Create the perfect pizza

Our sauce and puree depositors are commonly used in the production processes of pizza lines. These manufacturers typically face challenges like products that differ in shape and product misalignment. FoodJet's pizza sauce applicator was engineered to tackle precisely those problems. 

Depositing sauces & purees made easy

Discover how FoodJet's sauce applicators can help you improve your production process. Can’t find your product? No problem, just give us a call or e-mail us!

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