Design your bread with the dough depositor

Are you looking for new ways to increase the value of your bread? Or maybe you want to deposit materials in a smarter manner? FoodJet has various solutions that will give you a competitive edge. Find out how you can make a change with our dough and batter depositor machines.

Depositing dough and batters

These are some applications that will inspire you:

FoodJet MDM tiger paste depositor front side view
FoodJet MDM tiger paste depositor

Inclusions? Not a problem!

For many dough and batter depositors, it is very challenging to deposit materials that contain particulates. Not for us! FoodJet's dough and batter applicators can handle inclusions up to a certain size. This depends on the diameter of the nozzle and the material. For this reason, we have different types of depositing heads:

One way or another, we will always ask you to join us for a proof of principle. We like to play it safe.

Tiger paste with inclusions

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Reduce cleaning time

Too often, material fails to hit target when it is deposited. If this happens of course, you waste a lot of material. But more importantly, material travels into the oven and creates a whole set of new problems:

  • Additional cleaning costs
  • Burned material
  • Potentially smell disturbance

FoodJet will apply the right amount of material in the right spot. Every time!

Flexibility brought to your production

Discover how our dough and batter applicators can help you improve your production. Interested in learning more about FoodJet, our technology, or our machines? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

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