Accurate butter depositing

A lot of manual labour in the bread industry could be mechanised with the right precision-depositing technology, giving producers higher quality and more or better weight accuracy.

Replace manual labour

FoodJet uses its unique jetting technology to spread the butter or cream exactly where it should be. Thanks to our advanced vision system, your product is located, and the cream is deposited as if it was applied by hand.

FoodJet MDM butter depositor bottom view
FoodJet MDM butter depositor

Special shapes?

The vision system instructs the depositing heads to follow the edges of the product without the need for mechanical changeovers. An operator is all it takes to run this butter depositor.

Inclusions? Our large diameter nozzles can handle it all. FoodJet will make sure that your material is deposited as an even and closed surface on your product.

Application video

A system for every situation

Production lines come in various shapes and sizes. FoodJet offers various models of depositors. There is always a system that will match your requirements. And if not, we will find a setup that will be in line with your specific circumstances.

Slice of bread with butter applied by FoodJet butter depositor
Butter applied with FoodJet butter depositor

Typical system configuration

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