Filling cavities with the cavity depositor

Traditional technologies have a difficult time finding and filling cavities of products. This is not the case with the depositors of FoodJet.

Waffles cavity filled with chocolate

Thanks to the advanced vision technology and flexible precision food depositing systems at FoodJet, our depositors recognize the placement of your product on the conveyor belt and deposit the material exactly on the right spot.

This is how the depositors of FoodJet make a whole new range of products and applications available for your production process. 

Apply material with great precision

With our systems, there is no need to worry about material piling into the cavities or not finding its way to the edges. The FoodJet technology deposits a large number of small drops that fill the hole completely. Even if the cavities are small or complex. You can use the FoodJet Designer Studio software to create these patterns yourself.

That's why it is special

FoodJet's food depositors can apply materials into pockets no other depositor can:

  • Cavities that are very small, like in a waffle
  • Products can be randomly positioned on a conveyor
  • Even two different materials can be deposited consecutively

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This is how it works

Engineered to perform

Every FoodJet food filling machine is designed for its specific task. The system is engineered to apply the required amount of material in each cavity. To make sure the depositor hits the target there are two approaches:

  1. All products are well aligned across the conveyor. A trigger sensor will pick up the signal of each product moving along the line. The FoodJet system will know exactly when to apply the right amount of material.
  2. In case products are misaligned, the FoodJet vision system can detect the position and possible rotation of each product. It will calculate where each deposit has to be applied and makes sure it is successfully executed.
View inside the camera cabinet of a FoodJet food depositor

Enhance your production line with food filling machines

Looking to optimize your food filling process? FoodJet offers state-of-the-art food filling machinery and equipment designed to streamline your production and enhance precision. Whether you're filling pastries, chocolates, or other confectionery items, our food filling solutions deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Explore our range of food filling equipment today to take your production to the next level.

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This is an excellent opportunity to think about your production process and come up with new ideas for products that were impossible to produce until now. Contact us, and we will help you explore the possibilities.

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