Decorated pralines

With Foodjet’s fine decorating heads and high quality chocolate, incredible decorations can be made on delicious bonbons and pralines. Enormous versatility through hundreds of stored designs can be achieved, that will astonish the consumers.

High quality decorations

The depositors of Foodjet take up the challenge with the artisanal chocolatiers by creating a more precise and detailed decoration in less time. Even more so, all decorations are of a consistently high quality. You will no longer depend on the differences manual labour creates.

Three chocolate pralines decorated with a FoodJet chocolate depositor
Decorated pralines

High speed depositing of decorations

You can decorate pralines at high production speeds. If only on one lane, or on multiple lanes, we build the system that suits your requirements. You can start small and scale into full production capacity. Want to discover how our depositors can give your production process a boost?

Six milk chocolate pralines decorated with white milk chocolate by FoodJet chocolate depositor
Chocolate decorated pralines

In mould decorations

One of the possibilities is depositing decorations in the mould before filling it. You can apply decorations with high precision inside the mould. Or if the mould contains cavities, you can just as easy fill the cavities and create two colour designs. By doing so, you can create in-mould decorations that make your product stand out.

On product decorations

The alternative is to decorate the finished products. This can either be done when the chocolate filling in the mould is still warm. The effect you create when you deposit wet-on-wet can be very exciting.

Or you apply the decoration after the product has been cooled. This results in a completely different effect. You can design and create awesome products. 

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Typical system configuration to decorate pralines with our depositor

A decorated pralines application could comprise of the following:


FoodJet SDL food depositor
Stationary Depositor Large

Depositor head

FoodJet FJ28 depositing head

Supply system

FoodJet PUL pump unit large material supply system
Pump Unit Large


Screenshot of FoodJet Designer Studio sofware
Foodjet Designer Studio

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