The mini pizza topping machine that does not care about product size and shape

Are you a pizza manufacturer struggling with the production of mini pizzas? Is your current pizza topping machine restricting output due to the tedious alignment process? Are your pizzas falling short of the picture-perfect sauce distribution promised on the box? 

FoodJet's mini pizza topping applicator addresses these challenges head-on and innovates your mini pizza production process.  

Problems often faced in mini pizza production

In mini pizza production, we have noticed that several challenges are a common problem in the production of mini pizzas, hindering not only efficiency but also quality. Common challenges in the mini pizza topping process include: 

The hassle of aligning mini pizzas: achieving precise alignment for sauce deposition on mini pizzas can be challenging. Aligning them on a conveyor belt can be difficult, especially with small products and large quantities. Pizzas often get stuck in the alignment guides. The result? The conveyor belt becomes messy, with sauce sloppily spread on the mini pizzas.

Mechanical limitations limiting output: traditional mini pizza production machines often encounter challenges with mechanical dosing heads, which can hinder output efficiency. These mechanical components restrict the process's speed, resulting in slower production rates.

Uneven sauce application: The small size of mini pizzas makes it tricky to spread sauce evenly. Even a tiny change in the alignment of the mini pizza can make a big difference in how they look. Achieving consistency becomes a challenge, leading to uneven sauce distribution and a drop in overall product quality.

FoodJet's pizza topping machine solves these problems

FoodJet's mini pizza topping machine is developed to tackle these challenges head-on, revolutionizing your mini pizza production process. Our technology eliminates the need for product alignment and ensures unparalleled dosing efficiency, particularly for small products and large quantities.

Aligning products? That's a thing of the past! Alignment of products is no longer necessary with FoodJet's depositing solutions. Through our vision technology, the locations of your mini pizzas are detected, and the pizza sauce is precisely targeted onto each product, reducing mess and waste in the production process and eliminating production errors.

Output boosted to new heights: FoodJet's mini pizza topping applicator offers enhanced capacity and speed compared to traditional machines. By utilizing non-mechanical dosing heads, FoodJet can achieve higher speeds, boosting overall production efficiency.

Even sauce application with adaptive depositing: FoodJet's mini pizza topping machine features a vision system that ensures precise sauce application, tailored to the shape of each individual product. By recognizing the product, the depositor knows where to target the product and the depositing heads place the material right on target. The sauce depositing even adapts to each shape of the product, creating consistent results and ensuring esthetically high quality products.

Curious about our speed?

We can handle high volumes compared to traditional pizza topping machines. With the possibility to place products anywhere on the conveyor belt, our machine can easily achieve capacities of up to 80,000 products per hour on a 600 mm wide conveyor belt, based on 10 cm diameter pizzas. 

How does the mini pizza topping machine work?

FoodJet's mini pizza topping applicator addresses the issues faced by pizza manufacturers with small products and high volumes. Our system doesn't rely on mechanical dosing heads, enabling faster and more accurate dosing. Each product is individually assessed by our vision system, ensuring that the sauce dosing is tailored to the shape of each product.  Key features of our mini pizza topping machine include:

  • No need for product alignment: Our technology eliminates the need for product alignment, allowing for smoother and more efficient production.  
  • Non-mechanical dosing: Without mechanical dosing heads, our machine can handle higher speeds, making it ideal for high-volume production.  
  • Adaptive dosing: Our vision system ensures that sauce dosing is adapted to the shape of each individual product, minimizing dosing errors.  

About FoodJet

FoodJet is the leading company in the precision depositing of liquid foodstuff. Since the turn of the century, we offer our services to the bakery and confectionary industry. We are always one step ahead when it comes to helping our clients solve their depositing challenges. Supplying our systems to the leading food processors in the world, more and more companies trust FoodJet to improve their product quality and decrease their cost of production.  

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