Glaze spraying on pies

Coating fruit pies with gelatin glaze is traditionally a messy process. That is why Foodjet has developed a system that can target the pies without spilling a drop of glaze outside the product. On top of that, the glaze is only heated right before it is deposited, so material quality isn't affected and energy use is highly efficient. Our depositors can glaze the pies in only one pass, instead of twice with a conventional spray nozzle.

Clean glaze depositing process

The nozzles used by FoodJet are positioned close above the surface of the product. The array of nozzles are only activated where the product passes underneath, so the material is applied only on top of the product. No glaze falls next to the product on the conveyor. This will save material and keeps your process clean.

Higher quality material

The glaze is only heated to high temperatures right before the material is deposited. This will guarantee a better quality of the glaze. It will not deteriorate in the holding tank where it usually is kept for a long time at a high temperature. FoodJet offers a supply system that controls the full process while making sure the glaze has the perfect temperature and best quality when it is applied.

Saving energy costs

Thanks to the smart FoodJet supply system, you do not have to maintain the high temperatures in the holding tank all day long. The energy costs for keeping the material warm can be considerable.

FoodJet only heats up the glaze that is needed in the process, when it is needed in the process.

Less waste

At the end of the day, what material remains in the tank has to be disposed. It cannot be recovered for a next production run as you cannot cool it down. In the FoodJet supply process, the material only reaches high temperatures before depositing. So the glaze that remains in the tank can be used at a later stage.

Adding to that, the material is deposited onto the product, not onto the conveyor or surrounding environment. This is a major cost saving.

Other interesting applications

Typical system configuration

A glaze spraying on pies application could comprise the following:


FoodJet MDS depositor for depositing liquid foodstuff
Mobile Depositor Small

Depositor head

FoodJet FJ28 depositing head

Supply system

Servo driven impeller pump for a FoodJet precision depositing system
Volumetric Servopump


Screenshot of FoodJet free form pattern generator software
Free Form Pattern Generator

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