3D food printing: carrot shapes

Why mash a vegetable and try to put it together with a 3D food printer? Because it makes sense to people suffering from swallowing or mastication problems. What would you think of getting a shapeless lump of puree served on a daily basis? Have some imagination and enjoy more!

Looks like carrot, tastes like carrot

Studies show that people eat more of the same puree when it served in the original shape of the vegetable. If you print carrot puree in the shape of a carrot, it looks more appealing. This will make people eat more than if the same material is simply placed in a pile on a plate.

Luckily, this is exactly what our FoodJet depositors make possible. The depositor heads can be individually activated, which makes it possible to print material in any shape. For example, 3D food printing carrot puree in the shape of a carrot.

The year 2020 3D printed with carrot puree by a FoodJet 3D food printer
3D printed carrot puree

(Re-)create any shape

The FoodJet food depositing technology uses multi-layer techniques to create any shape you like. You use the FoodJet Designer Studio software to design the shape and you let the depositor do the rest. With the multi-layer technique, the material can be printed in 3D.

Scalable and fast depositing systems

One of the major difference with common 3D food printing depositors, is the speed at which shapes can be created. FoodJet operates at industrial belt speeds and match regular food processing speeds. All of this while maintaining accurate and precise depositing. 

Even more so, the system is very suitable for scaling. So you do not have to worry if business takes off. The depositors of FoodJet can be scaled based on your production needs.

More 3D food printing depositing solutions

The depositing solutions of FoodJet are always tailor-made to suit the needs and wishes of your production process. This means that no machine is exactly the same! This allows us to manufacture depositing solutions for a wide range of depositing materials. Take a look at our similar applications:

Typical system configuration

Are you interested in a 3D food printer? A 3D food printer from FoodJet could comprise the following:


MDS FoodJet depositor
Mobile Depositor Small

Depositor head

FJ28 FoodJet depositor head

Supply system

Servo driven impeller pump for a FoodJet precision depositing system
Volumetric Servopump


Foodjet designer studio
Foodjet Designer Studio

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