3D food printing using a FoodJet depositor

Multi-layer deposited food

A couple of years ago FoodJet participated in a project in the field of 3D food printing. Though the results were very promising, it was never picked up by the market. This article by Michael Molitch-Hou of 3dprint.com nicely captures the outcome of the project.


The so-called Performance project was a multidisciplinary collaboration between SMEs in the field of food products and ingredients, a high- tech food equipment manufacturer, catering services, software developers, food and packaging technology providers, research institutes (food technology, process technology, packaging and logistics) and nursing homes. Led by Biozoon Food Innovations GmbH, the consortium was spanning five European countries – Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italty and Austria. 

The main idea of the PERFORMANCE (Development of PERsonalized FOod using Rapid MAnufacturing for the Nutrition of elderly ConsumErs) project was to develop and validate a holistic, personalised food supply chain for frail elderly persons living either in nursing homes, ambient assisted living facilities or at home (visited by nursing services) facing swallowing and/or masticating problems.

What is the status of 3D food printing?

In the following article, Michael Molitch-Hou looks back with two of the main participants of the project and looks forward to the future of 3D food printing.

White plate with 3D printed beans - potatoes and meat replacement - made by a FoodJet 3D food depositor

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