Deposit butter onto bread with the butter machine

On a daily basis, tens of thousands of bread slices are industrially produced all around the world. Typically, these slices of bread are buttered by hand, resulting in inefficiency and tedious labour. It is also often a cause of poor and uneven coverage of butter, leading to soggy sandwiches.

But what if we told you we have something that allows you to spread butter onto bread evenly, accurately, and quickly? Our butter machines allow exactly this, making it a highly beneficial addition to your production process.

FoodJet's bread-buttering machine automatically applies the butter onto the bread and spreads it using our accurate vision technology. In doing so, the machine helps to streamline the bread buttering process, eliminate the need for manual labor, and increase productivity.

Our innovative bread-buttering machine

Our butter machines are innovative depositing solutions for organizations in the food industry that butter large quantities of bread in a short amount of time. Think about industrial bakeries that produce buttered sandwiches or convenience food producers that make garlic bread. These are examples of how our automatic bread-buttering machine can be used.

Would you rather apply different foodstuffs to your bread? Our depositing solutions go further than just depositing butter, ranging from depositing material such as garlic butter or pesto to fat compound or marmalade. Get in contact with us, so we can find a suitable solution for your depositing challenge.

Enhance customer satisfaction with the butter machine

At FoodJet, we are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your food depositing needs. Our automatic bread-buttering machines are a unique solution for precise, consistent, and cost-effective butter spreading onto bread. Let us tell you why: 

  • Minimize food waste with precise butter depositing: Our automatic butter-spreader machine machines offer precise and consistent butter depositing. This is achieved with our vision technology, which recognizes the placement of the bread and jets droplets of butter accurately. In this way, the butter is solely placed onto the bread, without any spillage of butter onto the conveyor belt.
  • Eliminate manual labor: By automating the butter depositing process, organizations can free up staff to focus on other tasks. This can lead to increased productivity and improved efficiency.
  • Improved food safety: An automatic bread-buttering machine can reduce the risk of cross-contamination, since the machine only handles the butter. 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: With a buttering machine, organizations can offer their customers a high-quality product that is consistently prepared. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Discover your possibilities with our depositors. 

Customised butter applicator solutions

Our typical system configuration for a automatic bread butterer system consists of four parts: 


FoodJet Frame

A frame that is able to hold up to twenty-four depositor heads, including a retractable tray, mass supply piping, and a control cabinet.  

Depositor head

FJ28 Depositor head

A depositor head with a row of nozzles that ‘jets’ droplets of butter onto the bread. The nozzles are individually controlled, allowing to fire droplets with varying volumes.

Supply system

PUL FoodJet Supply system

A supply system, also referred to as a pump unit, that can hold 70 liters of butter in its water jacket an isolated tank. 

User software

User software

User software allows the operator to graphically design patterns for depositor heads. This allows to deposit droplets accurately and in any shape.

All these parts can be customized based on your preferences. Would you like to know how our depositing solution can be personalized for your production process?

Explore the possibilities of the butter machine

One of the many applications of the butter spreader for bread is depositing butter onto sandwiches. Here, butter is deposited onto a piece of bread. Are you curious about all the possibilities? Then we would be glad to get in touch with you! We are keen to help you realize the best depositing machine for your application.

Whether you have to spread butter on slices of bread, buns, or a baguette: our automatic bread-buttering machine does the job. FoodJet’s automatic butter spreader machines are high-quality butter-spreading machines that spread any type of butter onto any type of bread. 

Expand your horizons: discover alternative depositing solutions

FoodJet specializes in tailoring depositing solutions to match the specific needs and desires of your production process. As a result, each machine is one-of-a-kind! This enables us to create depositing solutions for a diverse range of materials. Explore our parallel applications:

Do you have any questions concerning our automatic bread-buttering machines? Or would you like to receive more information about our butter machines? Feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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