Compact FoodJet multi-layer chocolate depositor

3D chocolate printing

During the ProSweets 2020 exhibition in Cologne, FoodJet introduced a compact multi-layer chocolate depositor. This compact 3D chocolate depositing system combined a number of difficult tasks no other other chocolate depositor can do at the same speed and with the same footprint. Though it was only a functional model that should serve as a proof of principle, the depositing system operated flawlessly during all 4 days of the exhibition.

What are the possibilities?

These are some of the extraordinary capabilities of the system:

  • Cavity filling chocolate into very small cavities of different positions and sizes
  • Depositing very thin layers of chocolate
  • Depositing 3 different types of material like chocolate, marmalade and caramel
  • Creating 3D multi-layer printed designs
  • Decorating chocolate bars on two sides of the product
Milk chocolate bar with white cavity filled chocolate print by FoodJet chocolate depositor
Customized chocolate bar

Video of chocolate depositing

The following video was used on the main screen during the exhibition:

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The depositing solutions of FoodJet are always tailor-made to suit the needs and wishes of your production process. This means that no machine is exactly the same! This allows us to manufacture depositing solutions for a wide range of depositing materials. Take a look at our similar applications:

About FoodJet:

FoodJet is the leading company in precision depositing of liquid foodstuff. Since the turn of the century we offer our services to the bakery and confectionary industry.  We are always one step ahead when it comes to helping our clients solve their depositing challenges. Supplying our systems to the leading food processors in the world, more and more companies trust FoodJet with improving their product quality and decreasing their cost of production.

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