Clean and precise oil spraying machine

Do you admire the delicious taste and texture of your favorite baked goods, such as focaccia and flatbread? The secret behind these products' perfect flavor and consistency lies in the precise and accurate oil spraying onto the dough.

The equipment responsible for this is an oil spray machine, a machine that sprays the oil onto the product. However, these oil spraying machines are known to cause a mess in production.

We often see that, with traditional oil spraying machines, oil is sprayed over the entire conveyor belt, leaving everything slippery and sticky. With FoodJet's oil depositors, this is not the case.

The FoodJet depositors ensure consistent and precise oil spraying. Whether you're making crispy flatbread or fluffy focaccia, oil spray machines are the key to achieving the perfect result every time.

The solution to often encountered problems with oil spraying

For food manufacturers, creating the perfect product is a never-ending pursuit. However, achieving consistent and precise oil application can be a significant challenge.

That's where the oil spray machine of FoodJet comes in. With its advanced technology, an oil depositor provides a precise, efficient, and sustainable way to apply oil to food products.

  • Product waste is diminished: traditional oil spraying machines can be messy and wasteful as the oil is sprayed onto the entire conveyor belt. With the FoodJet vision technology, the oil depositor can accurately deposit oils onto the product, thereby minimizing the waste of oil and decreasing production costs.
  • No more inconsistent depositing: traditional oil application methods, such as brushing or spraying, can lead to variations in the amount of oil applied. Unlike an oil spray machine, the oil depositor of FoodJet enables manufacturers to apply the right amount of oil with precision, resulting in a consistent and uniform oil coating.

  • Guaranteed production efficiency: manual oil spraying can be a slow and labor-intensive process, decreasing production efficiency and increasing labor costs. FoodJet’s oil depositors increase the efficiency of the production process by reducing waste and labor costs. The depositor allows the automated oil depositing, making the process more efficient and freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.

Oil depositor: the solution for your bakery

An oil spray machine is a game-changer for your bakery, bringing a multitude of advantages to streamline operations and elevate the overall bakery experience. This innovative oil depositor ensures precision and control in oil spraying, guaranteeing consistent and uniform coating across all bakery products.

By eliminating the laborious task of manual oil application, the machine saves valuable time and labor, allowing bakery staff to focus on other essential tasks. Additionally, our oil depositor enhances the visual appeal of bakery products, creating an enticing shine and glaze.

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Applications of the oil spray machine

Focaccia and flatbread are two of the world's most beloved bread varieties. With their delicious flavor and versatility, they've been enjoyed by people all over the world for centuries. But for bakeries, achieving the perfect oil coating for these types of bread has always been challenging. That is, until the advent of oil depositors.


Foccacia with garlic butter

Focaccia heavily relies on the quality and quantity of oil to achieve its unique taste and texture. The oil helps create a soft and chewy texture while also providing the bread with a rich flavor.

That's where the oil depositor of FoodJet comes in. With this technology, the oil depositor ensures that the oil is evenly distributed across the bread, avoiding over or under-oiling of the bread and achieving a consistent and uniform amount of oil for each focaccia.


Flatbread with pesto

If you want to ensure that your flatbread has the perfect texture and flavor, using an oil spray machine is a must. Traditional methods of spraying oil on flatbread can be time-consuming and inconsistent, leading to variations in the amount of oil applied to each piece of bread.

With an oil spray machine, you can apply the right amount of oil precisely, resulting in a consistent and uniform oil coating. This means that every flatbread will meet the perfect texture and flavor and be of the highest quality.

Expand your horizons: discover alternative depositing solutions

The depositing solutions of FoodJet are always tailor-made to suit the needs and wishes of your production process. This means that no machine is exactly the same! This allows us to manufacture depositing solutions for a wide range of depositing materials. Take a look at our similar applications:

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