Nut depositor: sprinkle seeds on your product

In the dynamic world of bakeries and food production, precision and ease of use are crucial. Yet, the mess caused by typical waterfall depositors during nuts and seeds application can be a headache. As they often lead to significant pollution in the production process. FoodJet's targeted nut depositor, also known as a seed sprinkler or a targeted seed depositor, revolutionizes this experience. With our advanced technology, spillage is a thing of the past, ensuring no more contamination on the conveyor belt and downstream in the production process.

No more fuss, just precision

Tired of messy depositors? FoodJet's nut depositor solves the problems of traditional machines. It's all about accuracy, ensuring nuts and seeds land precisely where they should for a perfect finish. This is achieved through targeted depositing. The nozzles of our seed sprinkle machine operate individually, allowing precise targeting of your material, sprinkling nuts and seeds only where needed.

This is how we do it

The nuts or seeds are mixed with a carrier material so they can be pumped and applied onto the products. This carrier material can be a wide range of liquid foodstuffs with the right properties that match your requirements.

Curious to see the FoodJet targeted seed depositor in action? Watch our demonstration video to witness the seamless precision of our seed sprinkler. Observe how seeds are accurately deposited, ensuring consistent coverage without any unnecessary waste.

Keep things clean for better results

Say goodbye to a mess on your conveyor. Our depositors are designed to maintain cleanliness, ensuring your production line runs smoothly. Thanks to the targeted depositing, there's no more spillage on the conveyor belt. This not only reduces waste on the conveyor itself but also maintains overall efficiency.

Keeping downstream areas mess-free

The precision of FoodJet's seed sprinkler not only ensures accurate application but also keeps downstream areas free from any unwanted mess. By significantly reducing the chances of nuts and seeds falling off your product during the production process, this innovative technology leads to a cleaner and more streamlined operation.

More FoodJet depositing solutions

The depositing solutions of FoodJet are always tailor-made to suit the needs and wishes of your production process. This means that no machine is exactly the same! This allows us to manufacture depositing solutions for a wide range of depositing materials. Take a look at our similar applications:

Get the same results every time

Consistency is key. The targeted nuts and seeds depositor ensures each product receives the same amount of nuts and seeds, guaranteeing higher quality products.

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