RudinJet edible paste: result of the collaboration with Ruitenberg Ingredients

1+1 = RudinJet

If two companies that lead their markets with innovation meet, great things can arise. A couple of years ago Ruitenberg Ingredients and FoodJet decided that they wanted to come up with a solution in order to answer to the market demand for printable colouring solutions. As a result RudinJet was developed by Ruitenberg in close cooperation with FoodJet.

Edible paste that can be printed

RudinJet comes in various versions and is applied right before or right after the oven. Due to the high temperature of the product after the edible paste has been applied, the moisture inside the material evaporates and leaves a great looking product. The paste becomes one with the surface of the product and therefore does not rub off or changes the shelf life.

Bun decorated with BVB logo made with RudinJet by FoodJet bread decorator
Decorated bread

Great looking products

By using the FoodJet depositor you have endless possibilities when changing designs. You can adjust the image on the fly while being in full production. You simply upload a new picture and change it in mid-production. You could even have different lanes be decorated with different designs. No mechanical change-overs are required.

Check out this video

We visited the Ruitenberg test-kitchen for some testing for one of our customers.

More interesting applications

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