Pizza sauce depositing taken to the next level

Replacing an existing pizza depositor

Starting this week, a French producer of pizzas will be using the latest version of the FoodJet Moveable Depositor Large (MDL). They approached us last year, telling us that their present depositor could not properly handle the tomato sauce they were using. Despite various tests, they could not come to a satisfactory result with the equipment. 

Benefits of the MDL

The FoodJet MDL is known for its:

  • Highest visual depositing quality
  • Unmatched operational excellence
  • Superior machine performance

No mechanical change-overs

The proprietary Free Form Pattern Generator (FFPG) software lets the user choose the exact settings for each product type and shape:

  • How big the sauce-free edge should be
  • How much sauce should be applied
  • How the depositor should respond to off-spec products
  • ... and much more

All this can be done without making any mechanical changes. It is all software-based, so customer-specific requests can be implemented if requiered.

Check out the video

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About FoodJet:

FoodJet is the leading company in precision depositing of liquid foodstuff. Since the turn of the century we offer our services to the bakery and confectionary industry.  We are always one step ahead when it comes to helping our clients solve their depositing challenges. Supplying our systems to the leading food processors in the world, more and more companies trust FoodJet with improving their product quality and decreasing their cost of production.

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