Deposit chunky sauces with umatched precision

At FoodJet, we understand that depositing chunky sauces is a common challenge in the convenience food industry. The chunks in the sauce may cause a blockage of your dosing equipment and basically force you to deposit the sauce through wide nozzles. In return, this leads to inaccurate depositing of the chunky sauce, which also needs to be spread by hand. 

This is why FoodJet developed the solution for this ever returning challenge: a chunky sauce depositor. The FoodJet depositor makes it possible to deposit chunky liquid foodstuffs and spread them evenly onto your product. Don’t believe us? Let us show you.

Our depositing solution for chunky food

So why is the FoodJet technology so suitable for this application? FoodJet depositors have an array of nozzles. They are big enough to deposit sauces with chunks up to 15 mm and small enough to have the flexibility to deposit the sauce there where you want it.

Each nozzle can be activated individually: therefore, you can match the layer of sauce with the tray size or the pattern requested by your customer. This creates products that are like the classic recipe, such as lasagna or ready meals. Better even with no remaining sauce left behind on the edge of the tray.

Chunky sauce vs regular sauce

Unlike regular sauces and purees, the chunks in a chunky sauce can become misaligned, causing blockages or inconsistent deposits. Additionally, the viscosity and texture of chunky sauces can vary depending on the type and size of the solids, as well as the liquid base. 

Chunky tomato sauce

This variability can make it difficult to achieve a consistent deposit and can require specialized depositing equipment and techniques, which is where the FoodJet chunky food depositor comes to play.

Want to know what our depositors have to offer for you?

Finding the right depositor for your product

FoodJet is well known for its variety of food depositors. Whether it be butter, fat compound, batter, chocolate, jam, or sauce. FoodJet has the right solution for it. When choosing a FoodJet food depositor, it is important to consider the product that you want to deposit. 

Though the core of FoodJet depositing systems evolves around the various types of depositing heads, the supporting equipment is just as essential. We therefore have developed a system that provides a complete solution for producers working with chunky sauces.



A mobile frame that is able to hold up to twenty-four depositor heads, including a retractable tray, mass supply piping, and a control cabinet. 

Depositor head

Depositor head

A depositor head with a row of nozzles that ‘jets’ droplets of sauce onto the product. The nozzles are individually controlled, allowing to fire droplets with varying volumes.

User software

User software

User software allows the operator to graphically design patterns for depositor heads. This allows to deposit droplets accurately and in any shape.

All these parts can be customized based on your preferences. Would you like to know how our depositing solution can be personalized for your production process?

Advanced vision technology

The challenges of depositing chunky sauce include dealing with varying product shapes and misalignment during the process. Fortunately, FoodJet has engineered its chunky food depositor that specifically addresses these issues. 

Unlike other depositing technologies that are fixed in position, this depositor can automatically adapt to changing circumstances, such as trays that have shifted on the conveyor.

FoodJet's chunky food applicators can be equipped with a camera system that detects and inspects baking trays, providing statistical information on production throughput and quality control. This vision technology enables you to optimize your production and improve overall quality. Additionally, this equipment can handle high production speeds and can apply chunky sauce even on inconsistently placed baking trays. 

Expand your horizons: discover alternative depositing solutions

The depositing solutions of FoodJet are always tailor-made to suit the needs and wishes of your production process. This means that no machine is exactly the same! This allows us to manufacture depositing solutions for a wide range of depositing materials. Take a look at our similar applications:

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