Topped cupcakes

Finally mess-free surface covering

Ever wondered how they cover the surface of a cupcake right up until the edge without spilling any chocolate on the cup? Take a look at the following video and you will find out how a FoodJet MDM precision depositing system gets the job done: no spilling on the belt and with a beautiful result.

No easy short-cuts

If you have ever worked with cup-cakes, you know that it is near impossible to produce cupcakes without the chocolate running over the edge. So producers either choose to not cover the complete surface or they accept that the consumers will get dirty hands eating their products.

FoodJet MDM food depositor for topping cupcakes
Depositor for topping cupcakes

Say goodbye to dirty conveyors

Once you put all the chocolate on the product, there is no more chocolate going onto the belt. Next to saving money on otherwise wasted chocolate, you can also book significant savings because you don't have to clean your conveyors that often anymore. Did you know that we also provide the material supply to the depositing system? Check this data sheet for more information on our PUL supply system.

Application video

Other interesting applications

Typical system configuration

A topped cupcakes application could comprise the following:


FoodJet SDL food depositor
Stationary Depositor Large

Depositor head

FoodJet FJ28 depositing head

Supply system

FoodJet PUL pump unit large material supply system
Pump Unit Large


Screenshot of FoodJet free form pattern generator software
Free Form Pattern Generator

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