Make tiger bread with our tiger bread machine

What is tiger bread? 

Whether you call it tiger bread, giraffe bread, or Dutch Crunch. It is undeniable that this crust application has a rich history. From rice flour used in Asian cuisine to the Dutch discovering its use on loaves of bread, this crunchy crust is conquering the world. In America and the United Kingdom, it’s already sold for a while, but now people are getting more creative with its application, expanding to not only bread but also croissants, panini, pretzels, and much more!

How is tiger bread made?

To make tiger bread, tiger paste is deposited on a loaf of bread or buns. Unfortunately, tiger paste is not easy to apply. It is usually done through manual labour which limits the production speed considerably, this start-stop process restricts the maximum output quantity. Due to uneven depositing the tiger paste slumps into the corners which, when baking, become very hard and unpleasant.

Tiger bread made with FoodJet depositing technology
Tiger bread made with FoodJet depositing technology

Our tiger bread machine

Luckily our FoodJet precision technology enables you to create delicious Dutch crunch foods with accuracy, flexibility, and continuous industrial speed. Our advanced vision technology enables you to deposit in any shape or size you wish and accurately deposit the tiger paste onto each loaf of bread without spilling on the tin or transportation system.

Discover the possibilities of the tiger bread machine.

Create perfect tiger bread

The nozzles of our tiger bread machine apply small and equal amounts of tiger paste on each product for a perfectly consistent layer. Our vision technology ensures that the tiger paste is exactly deposited above the tins, no mess, no wasted product, and at industrial speed. As shown before the baking process it looks like a smooth surface layer on the tiger bread in tins. When it's baked the paste crumbles up into the unique tiger-like crust shape.

Tiger bread in tins before baking
Tiger bread in tins before baking
Tiger bread in tins after baking
Tiger bread in tins after baking

Customised solutions

At FoodJet we offer customised solutions with standard equipment. This means we look at your customer-specific needs and adapt our technology to your production process. Whether it's a particular conveyor, a different alignment of the bread, or a challenging production environment, we have the know-how, experience, and expertise to meet your production requirements. 

About FoodJet:

FoodJet is the leading company in precision depositing of liquid foodstuff. Since the turn of the century we offer our services to the bakery and confectionary industry.  We are always one step ahead when it comes to helping our clients solve their depositing challenges. Supplying our systems to the leading food processors in the world, more and more companies trust FoodJet with improving their product quality and decreasing their cost of production.

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