Garlic butter depositing

All over the world, loafs of bread and slices of bread are traditionally hand-buttered, resulting in a poor grip on weight or consistency in coverage. Foodjet makes these drawbacks a thing of the past with the garlic butter depositor.

View inside FoodJet garlic butter depositor
View inside FoodJet garlic butter depositor

No need for product alignment

Slices with shape variations are almost impossible to line up. Luckily, the our vision technology recognizes the shape variations of your product. This allows the garlic depositing machine to deposit the garlic butter exactly onto your product. Say goodbye to the need to line up your products!

Garlic butter with inclusions

Traditional depositing solutions have a hard time handling the inclusions that are typical for garlic butter. This is not the case with the depositors of FoodJet. FoodJet uses depositing heads with pinch valves that make automated application of garlic butter possible. 

Piece of bread with garlic butter neatly applied by FoodJet garlic butter depositor
Piece of bread with garlic butter

Faster change-overs

What if you no longer have to make mechanical changes to your depositor to switch from one shape or size to another? You simply load a pre-saved setting and off you go. That is how FoodJet sauce depositors work. Within a minute you make a switch and continue production.

Application video

Let us show you how our depositor machines work. In this video, garlic butter is deposited on slices of bread. 

Want to learn more about the possibilities of our depositing machines? We have many more similar videos about our depositors. 

Standalone system

Do you want to use the depositing system on your existing conveying system? Or do you want to purchase a standalone unit? With or without supply unit? FoodJet can offer various solutions in different system sizes. We always find a setup that suits your requirements.

Are you looking for similar applications?

The depositing solutions provided by FoodJet are personalized to meet the requirements and preferences of your production process. This implies that no two machines are identical. This versatility empowers us to produce depositing solutions for a wide variety of materials. Review our comparable applications:

Typical system configuration

At FoodJet, we create depositing systems that suit to your production process. Nevertheless, a garlic on flatbread application could comprise the following:


FoodJet SDL food depositor
Stationary Depositor Large

Depositor head

FoodJet FJ26 printhead

Supply system

FoodJet PUL pump unit large material supply system
Pump Unit Large


FoodJet Control Platform software
FoodJet Control Platform

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