Pizza sauce depositor after the oven

Automated food depositors

The demand for smaller, more inconsistently shaped pizza bases in pizza production lines is rapidly increasing. It is very hard, though, to automate the process of applying tomato sauce with a regular food depositor. 

How to apply pizza sauce

Foodjet precisions depositing solutions knows how to build pizza sauce topping machines. We eliminate the hassle of using manual labor to produce this. 

Depositing tomato sauce after the oven

If you cover your products with pizza sauce after the oven, you face typical challenges like products that differ in shape, heat transfer or the products, and product misalignment. FoodJet's pizza sauce depositor was engineered to tackle precisely those problems. It does not use a depositing technology that is fixed to one position. Instead, it can automatically adjust for changing circumstances like pizza bases that have moved on the conveyor.

Industrial equipment cleaning

All of our equipment is built for industrial environments. You can easily clean the depositor of all pizza topping remains. The software comes with a cleaning program that goes through various cycles. You do not have to dismantle any mechanical parts to successfully get your system ready for the next shift.

Pizza depositor video

Though this system is located before the oven, it does give you a good impression of FoodJet's pizza sauce depositing quality.

Similar applications

Would you rather apply the tomato sauce before the oven? No problem, we have plenty of experience with pizza sauce depositors before products get baked.

Or are you looking for a solution to apply liquid cheese to your Flammkuchen/Tarte flambĂ©e? We have several customers using our cream depositors.

Even a pesto sauce with all its inclusions, the FoodJet food depositor handles without problems.

Find your system

A pizza sauce after the oven application could comprise the following:


FoodJet MDL depositor for depositing liquid foodstuff
Mobile Depositor Large

Depositor head

FoodJet FJ26 printhead

Supply system

Servo driven impeller pump for a FoodJet precision depositing system
Volumetric Servopump


Screenshot of FoodJet free form pattern generator software
Free Form Pattern Generator

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